Saturday, November 7, 2009

One and Two are MOTHS!

One and Two emerged as moths today! I didn't get to see them emerge, but still very excited to see them sitting patiently in the jar waiting for me to set them free. I snapped some pictures before gently coaxing them onto a Penta leaf to place them on the plant. (getting eatten by mosquitoes in the process!)

Number One was more than ready to come out of the jar.

Number Two (on the left) was vibrating its wings I think because it probably emerged second and was slightly less "developed" than Number One.

Their bodies are more orange than I thought they would be and they're smaller than I expected based on pictures online.

I'm guessing they will hang out a little while, but fly away pretty quickly to find some nectar since I clipped off most of the flowering part of my Penta to feed the caterpillars. Oops. Now I know I have to plan ahead when they are caterpillars so they have food when they are moths.

One and Two started to pupated: October 14
One and Two emerged as moths: November 7
Total: 24 days

--- Estimates for Three and Four ---
Three started to pupate: October 26
Three should emerge: ~November 19

Four started to pupate between: October 27 - November4
Four should emerge between: November 20 - November 28