Friday, October 16, 2009

More Caterpillars?!

Yes, I found more!

The itty bitty one I unknowingly added to the jar. It must have been on one of the leaves from my mom's Penta. This little guys was the "unknown" worm I thought could be an enemy of the others and causing problems in their habitat. After realizing it probably came from Mom's Penta, I decided to examine the plant this afternoon. That's when I found the slightly larger one.

On the larger one, notice the horn at the tail end is red and there's a row of 3 redish pinchers on the head portion. The pinchers are used to grab hold of the leaves so it can stretch out and compress back in when eating. I'll try to get a video of this soon. The horn and pinchers must turn colors as they get older because the adults had yellowish pinchers and black horns...

These must be babies. How exciting! I'm catching them at so many different stages of the life cycles!

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